Our women enterprise projects are at the heart of everything we do. This programme offers valuable skills to women such as bookkeeping and budgeting as well as training and experience within a trade of their choice" I think it should be " this programme offers valuable skills to women such as bookkeeping, budgeting, as well as training within a trade of their choice.

Our Women’s Enterprise projects give women the chance to present their own business ideas. Once a business plan is deemed viable, we then offer our women a start-up loan for their project. Once the business is self-reliant, the start-up loan is paid back to Ripples and is used to kickstart another business in another village, creating a ripple effect of commerce across small communities.


Alleviate extreme poverty for families living in small African communities, through the hard work of our women. Once they get the start-up loan that they need from us to start their business, we can THEN provide them with the necessary resources to help them to generate a regular income. It is their hard work and determination to succeed that makes the businesses successful. At Ripples, we give a ‘Hand -Up’.


The businesses run by the women include Fisheries, livestock farming, crop farming of Food trees, cash crops, including Coffee, Moringa, and their products include black soap, Shea butter, Pottery, Crafts and local food production.


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We source markets for our women to sell to, creating a supply and demand for their products and keeping them in business.


We empower women through work, and give them pride in their work. By providing them with an initial loan and training to establish their businesses, but ultimately the success of the project is down to the hard work that our women put into their work every single day.


Through working at a sustainable business, women can secure a regular wage meaning that they are able to support themselves and afford to send their children to school and pay for basic healthcare for their families.


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Alternatively you can choose to pledge to a certain project we are running, for instance: donating towards a start-up loan that will enable a group of women to start their business. Please visit our Causes page to see a list of the different projects we are fundraising for.

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By sponsoring a village you can be safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to lifting a whole community out of poverty. To find out more about the programme and how to become a sponsor, please visit contact us at our US office.

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