In developed countries we take the Internet and digital technology for granted, but for children living in small villages in Africa, having access to the Internet opens up a wealth of knowledge that otherwise would be closed off to them.

Ripples BOX is our exciting new programme that can provide the youth of Africa with a place where they can be educated, inspired and encouraged to develop new technological skills that will give them greater prospects for the future.

The Ripples BOX plays a key role in triggering development in small communities by teaching young people useful sets of skills in a fun and engaging way. Young Africans today will become the adults who are shaping the future of Africa, so by educating and empowering them now we can set in motion a ripple effect of learning and development across communities that will forge a brighter future for the continent.

But Ripples BOX doesn’t have to be restricted as just a tool for the youth.

Women that work in businesses on our Women’s Enterprise Programme can use the Ripples BOX as a headquarters for their businesses. The Internet connectivity would be an extremely useful tool for them as it would enable them to expand their business knowledge through online courses, or give them a way to record their finances in a digital format. The Ripples BOX could be used as a base for doctors and nurses working on our Medical MOT’s or in Cottage Hospitals, who could use the technology available to electronically store patient records and communicate with other doctors around the world.

Villagers who have relatives that have moved away from their village could also capitalise on the Ripples BOX as a cyber cafe, using Internet applications such as Skype to get in contact with their loved ones who live hundreds of miles away.

The possibilities are endless!

The Ripples BOX is a multimedia classroom that can be assembled in any location and comes fully equipped with computers, Internet access and room for up to 30 students. The Internet access allows connectivity to our Ripples Training Programmes, Please contact us for details.

Ripples BOX is perfect for use in rural areas as it can be built anywhere and has its own electricity supply through the use of solar panels, so even villages without a constant supply of electricity can benefit from the technology available.
To find out how to sponsor a Ripples Box in your village or ask for more information, please email us at


Villagers are granted access to a wide variety of resources thanks to the Ripples Box’s connectivity to the Internet, which they can use to communicate with the rest of the world and break down geographical boundaries.


By educating the youth of Africa, the next generation who will grow up to shape the future, we are spreading the seeds of development throughout communities and forging a brighter future for the continent.


The Ripples Box does not rely on generators to run and does not contribute towards pollution. The box is fitted with solar panels, making it environmentally friendly, sustainable and available for use in villages without a power supply.


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