Many children in Africa die before they reach adulthood due to untreated illnesses, and medical care is a luxury that only some can afford. In most African villages, the nearest hospital is up to 50 miles away. The lack of adequate health care amounts for high mortality rates, and even the most basic healthcare is unaffordable for the average villager. The need for better medical care was identified to us by women working on our enterprise projects, so in response to their worries we work with the local health authorities to address these important issues, and introduced our Medical MOT programme.

The Medical MOT is an event held over one day that provides villagers with the rare chance to be tested for life threatening ailments. As well as free consultations, the Ripples team dispenses free medicines to around 1200 - 2500 people in each village, a lifeline for those who would not be able to afford them. For the rest of the year, we endeavour to keep local Cottage Hospitals well stocked with medical equipment and supplies to ensure villagers have access to basic healthcare close to home. We also operate an AIDs initiative through the health services in cottage hospitals, aiming to catch the disease early, make steps to treat people and give them the chance of living a longer life.

With your help we can hold more Medical MOT’s more often. Every donation we receive makes it more possible for us to afford to hold them MOT’S more regularly frequently and treat more people. By keeping families healthy, we can give children an environment that they can grow up and thrive in.

Offering a Lifeline

This programme offers villagers the rare opportunity to get the most basic healthcare, diagnosing potentially life-threatening illnesses and treating them with free medicines so they can get the chance to live long and healthy lives.

Sourcing Healthcare Professionals

We source doctors and nurses from all over the world, who give up their free time to hold the consultations in our villages and dispense medicine.

Strengthening Communities

By making sure that our villagers have access to free medical care, we are strengthening families and ensuring that communities are healthy enough to develop and grow to their full potential.


In Kind Donation

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Alternatively you can choose to pledge to a certain project we are running, for instance: donating towards a start-up loan that will enable a group of women to start their business. Please visit our Causes page to see a list of the different projects we are fundraising for.

Become a Sponsor

By sponsoring a village you can be safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to lifting a whole community out of poverty. To find out more about the programme and how to become a sponsor, please visit contact us at our US office.

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