Right now, many african villages women survive on less than $1 a day. Together, we have the power to change that.

By offering African women a hand-up so they can support their families, we ensure that their children can have the best start in life, creating a ripple effect across communities and a brighter future for Africa.

We have a number of different Programmes that strive towards that goal.

Ripples was founded in 2015 as BME Concercern, and registered by the Charity Commission UK. Ripples Foundation started its work in Africa in 2011, delivering women empowerment programmes by Ripples Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon and recently Ripples Madagascar our most recent location. Ripples Foundation USA was first established in 2015, our operations headquarters now operates from our USA office.

If you empower a women, you empower a nation. Women are the people who are educating the next generation and if we make that women can raise their children in a stable and healthy environment, we will be helping to raise a more educated and inspired generation of Africans.

We work with women both in the US and in Africa through a number of programmes designed to improve women's economic, mental and medical well-being. Our programmes in Africa help village women generate a regular income so that they can afford to feed their families, have access to medical care and send their children to school. This in turn triggers a ripple effect of development across small villages and creates a positive impact in communities, contributing to make change happen.

Training village women Ripples’ method of Food (Gari) Production

Young people represent the future of Africa. If we invest in the development of young people early, we prepare them to grow up take over over and improve lives in their communities. In Africa we run our Youth Development Programme to empower and train rural youth in basic IT and Media. They acquire valuable skills valued by employers in today's digital age.
Ripples Box can provide the youth the opportunity and access to education and technology that can equip them with skills for adult life.

In the US, we encourage global awareness by encouraging young people to learn more about different cultures from around the world. In past years, local youth groups have run their own projects surrounding topics such as food, music and fashion, which are used to spread a greater understanding and acceptance of world cultures through their community. In addition, young people are welcome to volunteer at our US office for opportunity to learn essential skills and gain experience for future careers.

School children in a Ripples Box, admiring their pictures on the wall

Nearly a billion people suffer from hunger in the world today, resulting in 3.5 million child deaths every year. Life threatening malnutrition is preventable and treatable. Our programmes tackle issues, such as hunger and lack of medical care" that African women and their children face everyday. By improving the women’s living conditions we are working to alleviate poverty in their community. Spreading our work over a number of villages starts a ripple effect of development and growth in communities, and reduces the number of people living in extreme poverty in Africa.

Ripples Foundation intern with a class of Ogidi School children working on a project


Lifting a whole African community out of poverty by providing a village with all the resources they need, such as education and medical care, to aid development.

Giving hard working women a ‘hand-up’, so they can start their own sustainable businesses and work their way out of poverty.

Educational tool providing the youth of Africa with a place where they can learn and develop new skills.

Bringing free medicines and consultations to African villagers living miles away from the nearest hospital.

You can help us make change happen by donating your time to help us on our projects, improve the lives of African villagers, and all whilst enriching your own learning experience.

Our Internship Programme offers valuables skills to people who want to get involved with a charity organisation and make change happen in our Offices in Africa, US and in the US

Ripples Farms is a Farming Training Lab, used to train villages farmers to move from subsistence farming to farming for profit. Using old tested methods and new thinking in eco - friendly high yielding farming, Ripples Farms is lifting whole communities out of poverty through profitable, sustainable, eco-friendly farming.


Helped over 8,600 women in 3

18 successful women Enterprise projects in Nigeria alone

Contributed towards the development of
2 new villages in Madagascar