Our women enterprise projects are at the heart of everything we do. This programme offers valuable skills to women such as book-keeping and budgeting as well as training and experience within a trade of their choice.

Our Women’s Enterprise projects give women the chance to present their own business ideas. Once a business plan is deemed viable then we offer our women a start-up loan to kickstart their project. Once a business is self-sufficient, the start-up loan is paid back to Ripples and is used to kickstart another business in another village, creating a ripple effect of commerce across small communities.

This project aims to alleviate extreme poverty for families living in small African communities, through the hard work of our women. Once they get the start-up loan that they need from us to start their business, we can provide them with the necessary resources and training in order for them to generate a regular income. It is their own hard work and determination to succeed that makes the businesses successful. We encourage self reliance as we do not give hand outs, we a hand up.

The businesses that the women run range from fisheries and animal farms, to shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, moringa oil & powder and black soap production. Some of the products that they produce are available for you to buy through our online shop Akomi Trading, where you can browse our Akomi range and purchase the products which are made by Ripples women under the Women’s Enterprise Programme. All Akomi products carry the Ripples Charter Mark, assuring you that the proceeds made from Akomi go straight back to our women. For further information about our Akomi brand, please visit our Akomi Facebook page or our Twitter account.


We source markets for our women to sell to, creating a supply and demand for their products and keeping them in business. Our Akomi range, featuring products handmade by Ripples women, is available for you to browse through on our eBay online shops, and all the proceeds go straight back to our women.


We empower women through work, and give them a sense of pride in their work. By providing them with an initial loan their businesses can be established, but ultimately the success of the project is down to the hard work that our women put into their work.


Through working at a sustainable business, women can secure a regular wage meaning that they are able to support themselves and afford luxuries such as school for their children and basic healthcare for their families.


One off Donation

To support the Women’s Enterprise programme you can quickly and easily make an online donation using Total Giving, any donation amount is welcomed as every penny counts towards making a difference to people’s lives - please give what you can!

Pledge for this Cause

Alternatively you can choose to pledge to a certain project we are running, for instance: donating towards pieces of equipment, such as tractors, that our women need for their business to grow. Please visit our Causes page to see a list of the different projects we are fundraising for.

Fundraise for us

If you would like to help our women and have fun as well, we would love it if you could organise your own fundraising campaigns. You could start small and hold a jumble sale, a neighbourhood barbecue or aim high and run a marathon! Every little helps and all proceeds go towards lifting women out of a life of poverty. To start your fundraising campaign, please visit our Total Giving (UK) or Causes (US) page to register.


Akomi is our range of products such as moringa oil, moringa powder and shea butter that are all handmade by Ripples women on our enterprise projects. Every time you buy an Akomi product, the majority of the proceeds go straight back to our women, helping them sustain a regular income and ensuring they can support their families.

Become a Sponsor

By sponsoring a Women’s Enterprise Project, you will be improving the quality of life for many poor village women, and inspiring them to work their way out of poverty. To find out how to sponsor a Women’s Enterprise Project, please visit the contact us and drop us an email.

Spread the Word!

Make sure to like and share our social media pages and spread our message online, as the continued support of our donors keeps awareness of the issues we are addressing in the public eye. Sometimes if just one more person sees the work we do it can make all the difference to many people's lives.