Our Adopt A Village programme gives individuals and organisations the opportunity to sponsor an African village, and commit to lifting that community out of poverty. Adopt A Village encompasses all of our existing projects and delivers them all in the adopted village. The sponsor provides the funding that will give the village all the resources that they need to develop, such as:

  • Education through our Ripples Box Programme

  • Medical Care through to our Medical MOT Programme

  • Empower women through out Women's Enterprise Projects

Today, we are established in 7 different village in Nigeria and one village in Ghana and our teams are helping more than an hundred of people. We work closely with three different sponsors to establish and keep a relationship based on trust and involvement from both the organisation and the sponsor. With your support and the help of our dedicated teams on the ground, we can increase this number of villages and establish our different programmes where you wish us to operate.

The benefits that villagers can get from the Adopt A Village programme are vast. By providing programmes for women and children, we are in fact providing benefits that whole cillages can feel the advantage of, creating a more stable community for children to grow up in, and giving them a higher chance of achieving a financially secure future.

This Programme is a fantastic programme that can be implemented into your company's corporate social responsibility plans, whilst changing the lives of a whole community for the better.

Adopting a village means that you can make change happen, improve the lives of children, improve the lives of children, and help to break the circle of extreme poverty.

Building Communities

Our projects improve the facilities of villages and provide villagers with new places to learn and work, such as libraries, production centres and hospitals, all of which contribute towards the development of communities and improves their connectivity to the rest of the world.

Welfare Improvement

We deliver projects that improve the health and well-being of villagers, offering free medical care, consultations and safe drinking water to communities that would not otherwise have access to them.

Financial Independence

Through our women’s enterprise programme we are ensuring that small villages become connected to each other through a chain of commerce, resulting in women sustaining a regular income to support their families through the demand of their businesses.


One off Donation

To support the Adopt A Village programme you can quickly and easily make an online donation using Total Giving, any donation amount is welcomed as every penny counts towards making a difference to people’s lives - please give what you can!

Pledge for this Cause

Alternatively you can choose to pledge to a certain project we are running, for instance: donating towards a start-up loan that will enable a group of women to start their business. Please visit our Causes page to see a list of the different projects we are fundraising for.

Fundraise for us

If you would like to help our cause and have fun as well, we would love it if you could organise your own fundraising campaigns. You could start small and hold a jumble sale, a neighbourhood barbecue or aim high and run a marathon! Every little helps and all proceeds go towards lifting villagers out of a life of poverty. To start your fundraising campaign, please visit our Total Giving (UK) or Causes (US) page to register.

In Kind Donation

At Ripples we welcome all forms of donations that help our projects run smoothly. This can be anything from a donation of medical supplies, to assisting on one of our programmes. If you have the resources we need on our Adopt A Village programme, please contact us at our UK office, we would love to hear from you!

Become a Sponsor

By sponsoring a village you can be safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to lifting a whole community out of poverty. To find out more about the programme and how to become a sponsor, please visit contact us at our UK office.

Spread the Word!

Make sure to like and share our social media pages and spread our message online, as the continued support of our donors keeps awareness of the issues we are addressing in the public eye. Sometimes if just one more person sees the work we do it can make all the difference to many people's lives.